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Window signage is an effective way for the permanent display of your logo's, goods and services or to display high impact messages for promotions, special offers or sale dates, business hours and emergency contact info. These can be applied either the inside or outside of your shopfront glass. Window graphics are the ultimate way of making your business look good and thus more inviting. New developments in vinyl technology lets K2 also offer a product doing its rounds as Conta-vision/sunshade/one way vision, offering beautifully printed graphics on the outside and an unobstructed view from the inside, a nice touch, for example eateries where patrons can enjoy a more intimate meal but still enjoy the goings on of outside. Frosted vinyl gives the illusion of etched or sandblasted glass which is good in the way you can create privacy and separation without influencing natural and artifical lighting and space perceptions. Having said all this it doesnt end there for a complete interior fit out or your shop including logos, products or just plain beautiful backdrops and graphics, K2 offers customised wallpaper to brighten and create a great atmosphere, stunning and invigorating your clientele.

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