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Vehicle branding, signs, banners, shop fronts, domed labels, silkscreening, hazchems, graphic design

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K2 Graphix is owned and operated by a young dynamic team of highly motivated designers and sign writers. Ensuring personal attention to the specific needs of each and every client. Concentrating on bringing you quality workmanship, promptly and professionally.


K2 Graphix started out concentrating on vinyl decals used mostly in the earthmoving industry, discovering that our attention to detail and cutomer satisfaction soon had us doing vehicle graphics and branding on a wide spectrum of vehicles ie trucks, horse boxes, motorcycles, boats etc. Our customers at that stage started requesting alot more from us and we found ourselves involved in signs, the manufacture and erection thereof, we have since progressed to manufacturing signs on a wide variety of products and materials. To remain competitive we are constantly upgrading our equipment, software and skills, adding to our ability to produce great advertising and signage of a very professional nature.


Our job is to make as big an impact on your target market. Our main objective is to be as bright, bold and in your face as possible, to create graphics and signs that make people take note. Always promoting and adding a visual and physical landmark to your business or product. The sign industry in general has taken a lot of slack in the area of service delivery and K2 has taken that firmly on our shoulders to change that perception by trying our level best in reducing our turnaround times and committing to not breaking our deadlines and delivery promises.


The materials we use are of industry standard to the required demands of each applicable application. Never allowing cost alone to be the overriding factor, but always ensuring through correspondence and negotiation that your sign writing requirements are affordable as well as practical.


K2 Graphix offers services for a wide range of applications including: Digital signage, vehicle branding, stand alone signs, banners, decals, labels, posters, estate agent boards/correx/street lamp adevertising, silkscreening, graphic design and more.

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